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Merge multiple streams into one (using through2 and hence Streams2)


Merge multiple streams into one, using Streams2.

The order of the emitted chunks/objects is random in the sense that this module does not enforce any ordering on the emitted data.

Install with npm.

npm install multistream-merge
var multistreamMerge = require('multistream-merge');
multistreamMerge(childProcess.stdout, childProcess.stderr)
var gulp = require('gulp');
var multistreamMerge = require('multistream-merge');
multistreamMerge.obj(gulp.src('assets/**'), gulp.src('src/**'))

Type: Object

Available options:

  • objectMode: false. Set the objectMode options for the merge stream.

Type: ...ReadableStream | ReadableStream[]

The input streams to merge

Convenience method to create a merge stream with object mode enabled.

MIT @ Mario Casciaro