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What´s the use of this project?

My intention was to create something complete new in the microservice world. I call it plug and play mircoservices. They are really micro. But why the name? What´s the sense behind multistack?

Simple, the basis of this service is a stack which contains the specific buisness requirements. Every "step", which is the basic name of a layer from the stack. Every layer from the stack has a type. The type is there to enable everyone to write his "own middleware" called handler, which can be consumend by the multistack framework.


  • a powerful multi host ready, router with versions.
  • a bunch of already exsting multistack layers
  • highly customizable
  • fast ramp up phase because of very small foot print

Very soon i will add some more handlers which I wrote on my own to extend this cool mulistack framework

handler description
multistack-handlebars-handler This is a handler to load remote precompiled handlebars templates and render them. This enables a very fast ui-service
multistack-proxy This handler allows to set up an esay to use proxy with wildcard mapping.
multistack-collection It allows you to make a call on several json-rest endpoints and return results to collect the data and build a new json document