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    Multiple Select

    Modified Version

    This is a modified version (forked from version 1.2.1 of multiple-select) to add functionalities required other libraries Angular-Slickgrid, Aurelia-Slickgrid and Slickgrid-Universal which I'm the author. The list of changes applied to this fork are shown below.


    Multiple select is a jQuery plugin to select multiple elements with checkboxes :).

    To get started checkout examples and documentation at http://wenzhixin.net.cn/p/multiple-select


    npm install multiple-select-modified

    Changes from original

    New Multiple-Select Options:

    • okButton boolean flag which when set will add an "OK" button at the end of the list to make it convenient to the user to close the window
    • okButtonText was also added to change locale
    • made code changes to support re-styling of the radio/checkbox with Font-Awesome or any other font
    • width option was not working when using "container", added some code to support it
    • offsetLeft (defaults to 0) if we want the drop to be offset from the select element (by default it is aligned left to the element with 0 offset)
    • autoAdjustDropHeight (defaults to False) when set will automatically adjust the drop (up or down) height
    • "autoAdjustDropPosition" (defaults to False) when set will automatically calculate the area with the most available space and use best possible choice for the drop to show (up/down and left/right)
    • autoDropWidth (defaults to False) when set will automatically adjust the dropdown width with the same size as the select element width
    • autoAdjustDropWidthByTextSize (defaults to false) when set will automatically adjust the drop (up or down) width by the text size (it will use largest text width)
    • adjustHeightPadding (defaults to 10) when using "autoAdjustDropHeight" we might want to add a bottom (or top) padding instead of taking the entire available space
    • maxWidth (defaults to 500) when using "autoAdjustDropWidthByTextSize" we want to make sure not to go too wide, so we can use "maxWidth" to cover that
    • minWidth (defaults to undefined) when using "autoAdjustDropWidthByTextSize" and we want to make sure to have a minimum width
    • domElmOkButtonHeight defaults to 26 (as per CSS), that is the "OK" button element height in pixels inside the drop when using multiple-selection
    • domElmSelectSidePadding defaults to 26 (as per CSS), that is the select DOM element padding in pixels (that is not the drop but the select itself, how tall is it)
    • domElmSelectAllHeight defaults to 39 (as per CSS), that is the DOM element of the "Select All" text area
    • useSelectOptionLabel (defaults to False), when set to True it will use the that can be used to display selected options
    • useSelectOptionLabelToHtml (defaults to False), same as "useSelectOptionLabel" but will also render html

    New methods:

    • getOptions: returns multiple-select current options (copied from latest version of the original multiple-select.js lib)
    • refreshOptions: set new multiple-select options and refresh the element (copied from latest version of the original multiple-select.js lib)

    jsFiddle examples





    The MIT License


    npm i multiple-select-modified

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