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This is a node.js lib which provides a dictionary which can have multiple keys.


npm install multi-key-dictionary


  1. Create a new object

    var Dict = require('multi-key-dictionary');
    var dict = new Dict();
  2. Add values to the dictionary object. The keys can be passed as arguments or as an array.

    NOTE The key parameter - ['a', 'b', 'c'] and ['a','c','b'] would represent two different keys and will store two different values. The order of keys is thus important.

    //Passing keys as arguments. 
    //Pass keys as an array. 

    In both cases the last parameter is considered as the value of the key.

  3. Getting/Deleting the value using the get method. Here also the keys can be passed as arguments or as an array.

    var x = dict.get('a','b','c'); // returns 34 
  4. A JS object is created to maintain the dictionary, which can be accessed by the items property of the dictionary.

    console.log(dict.items);//Will return the complete dictionary.