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Static Site Generator | Website Bundler | Asset Compiler | Templating | Preprocessor

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Muleify is the one stop shop for your web front end needs, it is a command line tool that handles all your website development needs. Muleify has a unique no configuration required interface. It automatically handles many tasks such as compiling Sass, Scss, Less, Css, ES6 to ES5, bundling, and minifying. Muleify uses extensions and sub-extensions to automatically handle these tasks. With almost almost zero configuration or changes to existing projects you can get started. If there is a feature you want let me know or make a PR. Confirmed node versions are 4, 6, 8.


Another static site and asset generator you might say.

  • zero configuration
  • quick and easy
  • no learning curve
  • based on extensions and sub-extensions
  • imports, includes, partials, and layouts
  • serves single page applications (spa's)


  • 2.7.0 removes default sass/scss support. After install if you want to use sass run muleify install-node-sass.


The node-sass package tends to have issues. If you experience this let me know. Or try out Less, because its More.

Getting Started


npm install muleify -g


npm uninstall muleify -g && npm install muleify -g


  • muleify pack [options] <input> <output> Packs folder/file and muleifies

    • input path to folder or file
    • output path to folder or file
    • -e, --es Transpile to ES5
    • -w, --watch Watches the input (if file it will watch the folder)
    • -m, --minify Minifies the output
  • muleify serve [options] <input> [output] Serves a folder and muleifies

    • input path to folder
    • output path to folder
    • -e, --es Transpile to ES5
    • -w, --watch Watches the input
    • -m, --minify Minifies the output
    • -c, --cors Enables cross origin resource sharing mode
    • -s, --spa Enables sigle page application mode (files/folders that do not exist will server the root index.html)
  • muleify map [options] <input> <output> Creates XML sitemap

    • input path to a folder to generate the sitemap
    • output path to a folder to output sitemap.xml
    • -d, --domain <domain> Inserts domain into sitemap
  • muleify encamp [options] <input.json> <output> Creates folders and files

    • input path to a JSON file
    • output path to a folder

Preprocessor Types


Sub Extensions

Sub extensions are period separated files names. They can be combined in any order or combination. The generated file will not contain the sub-extensions. For example a file in the src folder could be named file.b.e.js and the dist folder it would be named file.js.

  • ALL

    • i - ignore
  • HTML

    • l - layout wraps all view files
    • v - view inserted into layout
    • p - partial allows file to be imported
    • m - minify minify code (under development)
  • MD

  • JS

    • b - bundle modules ESM to UMD
    • e - es transpile to ES5
    • m - minify minify code
      • @preserve will persist comments.
      • @banner will place comment at document start.
  • CSS

    • b - bundle all imports
    • m - minify minify code
  • SCSS

    • m - minify minify code
  • LESS

    • m - minify minify code


For consistency it is best to start all paths with ./.


Note partial relative path from file

  • layout a placeholder: <!-- { "layout": "*" } -->
  • import a partial: <!-- { "partial": "./header.p.html" } -->
  • define a variable: <!-- { "title": "I Am Title" } -->
  • import a variable: <!-- { "variable": "title" } -->

Converts to HTML.


Supports ESM import relative path from file and also the node resolution algorithm. For node resolution it will search the node_modules package.js files for "module": "file" or main: "file".


Note @import relative path from file


Sass automatically bundles imports. Note @import relative path from file


Less automatically bundles imports. Note @import relative path from file


Licensed Under MPL 2.0

Copyright 2016 Alexander Elias