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    Combination of Material UI visual components with react-virtualized for improved performance and features with a simple API.

    For examples of <MuiTable> in action, see demo or view the source


    • Uses windowing for performance (via react-virtualized)
    • Freeze rows and/or columns
    • Fixed or variable (%) column widths
    • Resizable columns


    Property Type Required Default Description
    data array Data to render using defined columns
    columns array Defines the columns in the table.
    Column format: {'name', 'header', 'onHeaderClick', 'width', 'cell', ...cellProps }
    name: Name of header
    header: (optional) Name to display instead 'name'
    onHeaderClick: (optional) Callback when header is clicked on (has precendence over onHeaderClick on table
    width: (optional) Width of cell
    cell: (optional) Callback for rendering associated column cell data. Passes the row data for the associated cell.
    cellProps object func
    width number Visible width of table. Will scroll horizontally if sum of column widths are greater than defined width
    columnWidth number or func Static column widths if number, calulated based on columns definitons if not specificed, or can pass in a function to peform own calcuation based on data
    height number calculted from data.length or pagination.rowsPerPage if defined Visible height of table. Will scroll vertically if sum of column heights are great than defined height
    maxHeight number 0 Maximum height of table. Useful when using calculated
    fitHeightToRows boolean false Always fit the content height to row data. Only useful when using pagination and you want to reduce the height on non-full pages (will move paginator on different length results)
    rowHeight number 48 Height of rows
    fixedRowCount number 0 Number of rows to remain fixed at the top of the viewport (freeze rows). Based on columns definition order
    fixedColumnCount number 0 Number of columns to remain fixed at the left of the viewport (freeze columns). Based on columns definition order
    includeHeaders bool false Add header row to top of data. Useful to also set fixedRowCount to 1
    onHeaderClick func Called with column definition of header clicked on. Useful to set sort data and set orderBy and orderDirection
    onCellClick func Called with column definition and row data when non-header cell is clicked on (ex. onCellClick={(column, data) => alert(data[])})
    pagination object If defined, will add pagination to bottom of table and pass props to Material-UI's TablePagination component. Must set count, onChangePage, page, and rowsPerPage if defined.
    orderBy string If defined, will show column's header with matching name using TableSortLabel
    orderDirection string 'desc' The order of the sort direction
    resizable bool Enable column resizing handles

    Running Storybook

    This project has some storybook stories.

    To run storybook, you have to install the story dependencies first:

    cd stories
    $ yarn install
    cd ..

    Then use yarn to run the storybook script:

    $ yarn storybook




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