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Coordinate transformations between latitude/longitude WGS84 and OSGB36.


$ npm install mt-coordtransform


The module contains methods for transforming latitude/longitude coordinates between WGS84 (generally used by GPS systems or any world-wide reference system) and OSGB36 (used in all Ordnance Survey mapping).

var LatLon = require('mt-latlon');
var CoordTransform = require('mt-coordtransform');
var pointWGS84 = new LatLon(51.5136, 0.0);
var pointOSGB36 = CoordTransform.convertWGS84toOSGB36(pointWGS84);

The available methods of the CoordTransform module object is listed below.


Convert latitude/longitude point in OSGB36 to WGS84.

  • pointOSGB36 (LatLon) latitude/longitude in OSGB36 reference frame
var pointOSGB36 = new LatLon(51.5136, 0.0);
var pointWGS84 = CoordTransform.convertOSGB36toWGS84(pointOSGB36);
// => 51°30′51″N, 000°00′06″W (as LatLon object) 


Convert latitude/longitude point in WGS84 to OSGB36.

  • pointWGS84 (LatLon) latitude/longitude in WGS84 reference frame
var pointWGS84 = new LatLon(51.5136, 0.0);
var pointOSGB36 = CoordTransform.convertWGS84toOSGB36(pointWGS84);
// => 51°30′47″N, 000°00′06″E (as LatLon object) 

CoordTransform.convertEllipsoid(point, e1, t, e2)

Convert latitude/longitude from one ellipsoidal model to another.

q.v. Ordnance Survey 'A guide to coordinate systems in Great Britain' Section 6 (

  • point (LatLon) latitude/longitude in source reference frame
  • e1 (number[]) source ellipse parameters
  • t (number[]) Helmert transform parameters
  • e2 (number[]) target ellipse parameters

Further information

Please visit for more information on conversion between WGS84 and OGSB36 systems.

Copyright and license

The original code was written by Chris Veness and can be found at It is released under the simple Creative Commons attribution license (

This project is released under the MIT license.