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Multi-line Strings Module for Node.js

This is a simple little module that lets you have multi-line strings in JavaScript.

Just do this:

var M = require('mstring')
var mystring = M(function(){
  Mining and

to get

mystring == "Ontario\nMining and\nForestry\nGroup"

And that's pretty much it.


npm install mstring


An empty anonymous function, containing a single multi-line comment block. The comment block should start and end with /*** and ***/. The first and last newlines of the comment are ignored, as is any indentation.

How it Works

In Node.js, you can call the .toString method of a function, and it will give you the source code of the function definition, including any comments. A regular expression grabs the content of the comment.

Yes, it's a hack. Inspired by a throwaway comment from Dominic Tarr.