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    MRM Preset

    My personal mrm preset. Installing globally. Exposes mrm cli.

    Ideal World

    Describing conception

    This is one the best template scaffolding solution, I've seen so far. I tried yeoman (which is modern super legacy) and its alternative with some short name. Though mrm is not ideal, so there is bin.js, which is patched entrypoint of it to workaround slowdown bug (and enable cli auto-update!).

    It is meant to be used in existing folder, this way you can use each task either it in just created folder or in some old repo!

    Also, it can be weird, but everything is synchronous here.

    Task Conception

    Each task can be used via API or cli like mrm ts

    Each task should have these exports/options:

    • wether task is applicable in cwd (mostly by detecting some files) I have here ensureTask function for some tasks for easy of creating complex tasks
    • task parameters (choices)
    • main function with params as input (maybe even more params for api)

    Other key features:

    • [x] easy full files copy (with folders structure)
    • [x] writing to output with green / yellow changed files!
    • [ ] using existing package manager and pnpm by default


    npm i mrm-preset-zardoy

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