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Publishes OS status to an mqtt broker

MQTT OS Status

Operating-system related data, published to an MQTT broker at fixed intervals.

These instructions are for Raspbian on Raspberry Pi but could easily be adapted to most Linux distributions.


Install forever.js

npm install -g forever

Copy etc/init.d/mqtt-os-status to /etc/init.d and make it executable

sudo su
cp etc/init.d/mqtt-os-status /etc/init.d/mqtt-os-status
chmod a+x /etc/init.d/mqtt-os-status

Edit the node binary paths and app paths in the script is necessary

After putting the script in place, you should update the system service definitions:

update-rc.d mqtt-os-status defaults

Run or check on the script and its process with the following commands:

service mqtt-os-status start
service mqtt-os-status status
service mqtt-os-status restart
service mqtt-os-status stop