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Make TiVo DVR remote control available through an mqtt-smarthome style interface

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mqtt2tivoremote is a Node.js application that links TiVo DVRs to an MQTT broker. It is designed to be used to integrate these devices into a home automation system à la mqtt-smarthome.

Getting Started

mqtt2tivoremote is distributed through NPM:

npm install -g mqtt2tivoremote
# or, if you prefer: 
yarn global add mqtt2tivoremote

Running it is likewise easy:

mqtt2tivoremote                      # if your MQTT broker is running on localhost 
mqtt2tivoremote -b mqtt://<hostname> # if your broker is running elsewhere 
mqtt2tivoremote --help               # to see the full usage documentation 

Topics and Payloads

This app is intended to conform to the mqtt-smarthome architecture. The topics used by the app are generally of the form:

Topics Published

Topic Purpose
tivoremote/connected 0 = not connected to anything
1 = connected to MQTT but not DVR
2 = connected to both.
tivoremote/status/channel JSON encoded current channel information
schema: { channel: num, subchannel: num, reason: string }
tivoremote/status/livetv_ready When a teleport to Live TV is attempted, this will be set to false.
When LiveTV is being displayed, this will change to true.
`tivoremote/status/error A string containing information about the most recent error to occur.

Topics Subscribed

For performance reasons, no argument checking is done: if you pass in an invalid IR code, for instance, it will still get sent to the DVR.

Topic Purpose
tivoremote/set/ircode Set to one of the valid IR codes to send that command to the DVR. No acknowledgement or confirmation will be returned.
tivoremote/set/keyboard As above, but for keboard commands rather than IR codes.
tivoremote/set/teleport Set to one of TIVO, LIVETV, GUIDE, or NOWPLAYING to jump directly to that screen. Minimal status is available on tivoremote/status/teleport.
tivoremote/set/channel Set the DVR to the given channel unless a recording is in progress. Only works if the DVR is in Live TV mode. Status will be reported on tivoremote/status/channel. Message format: { "channel": num, "subchannel": num }
tivoremote/set/forcedChannel As above, but will cancel an in-progress recording if necessary


Contributions are of course always welcome. If you find problems, please report them in the Issue Tracker. If you've made an improvement, open a pull request.

Getting set up for development is very easy:

git clone <your fork>
cd mqtt2tivoremote

And the development workflow is likewise straightforward:

# make a change to the src/ file, then... 
yarn build
node dist/index.js
# or if you want to clean up all the leftover build products: 
yarn run clean


MIT © Zach Bean. See LICENSE for more detail.

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