node package manager


NPM's Bizarro

You know how Superman has this person that is backwards of himself called Bizarro? I would like you to meet MPN, NPM's bizarro. This will solve many of our npm problems.

By my initial benchmarks, installs are 5x faster and are way more stable.

How you ask?

  • Processes each package install one at a time, so NPM doesn't explode all the time
  • Fault tolerant, will retry installing packages until it gets it right. This is now very rare, and will almost never happen.
  • Better logging and viewing of progress and time elapsed
  • Tells us if we have multiple versions of the same package installed, and where
  • And most importantly, forks NPM and does some fancy footwork to never download iFit modules as git repos! It downloads them all as tarballs. And we don't need to change how to structure our package.json, so it still works with npm! Wahoo!

Give it a try:

  1. npm install mpn -g
  2. go to website main or wherever
  3. rm -rf node_modules/
  4. mpn install

You can also pass in individual packages to be installed, ie mpn install user log-workout


You can also update your packages through mpn. Just do mpn update.