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node-mpg123n Build Status

nodejs native bindings to mpg123 interactive mode (-R option) that compile and run under MSVC++


node-mpg123n comes bundled with its own copy of libmpg123 and mpg123 application (v. 1.15.3), so there's no need to have mpg123 installed on your system.

Interactive mode has been rewritten (control_generic.c) so it's possible to interact with nodejs. Some additional changes were made in order to have it compile and run under windows operating system.

Thanks to the following you can compile and install node-mpg123n using npm:

npm install mpg123n

node-gyp environment setup


Here's an example of how node-mpg123n can be used to start and stop a single song. The path to an mp3 file is passed from command-line.

var mpg123n = require('mpg123n');
var player = new mpg123n.Player();
player.on('play', function() {
player.on('stop', function() {
player.on('pause', function() {
player.on('error', function() {
    console.log('Houston we have a problem!');



  • - path to a file
  • Player.stop
  • Player.pause
  • Player.jump - offset in seconds, eg. 10s
  • Player.volume - volume in percent eg. 10%


  • play
  • stop
  • pause
  • error

Projects using mpg123n

Maracuyá Jukebox

  • contains precompiled version of mpg123n
  • embeds nodejs
  • utilizes a simple yet powerful interface