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Play mp3s by shelling out to mpg123


Play mp3s by shelling out to mpg123

sudo apt-get install mpg123
sudo pacman -Sy mpg123
brew install mpg123
npm install mpg123

(Note: if the below details are still unclear, the package code is quite short and easy to understand if you're apprehensive about reading through it)

var Mpg = require('mpg123');
var player = new Mpg(); - plays audio from a source

player.pause() - pauses the current track

player.stop() - stops the current track

player.volume(percent) - sets the volume from 0-100 (mpg123 by default starts at 100%)

player.close() - kills the mpg123 process

player._cmd(...) - sends a custom command to the mpg123 CLI

Usage: player.on('eventname', function(data){...})

Name Data Description
end No data A song ended (or, because of mpg123, a pause was attempted without any song currently playing, or a song was stopped)
pause No data A pause occurred
resume No data The song started or resumed playing
error Error object mpg123 encountered an error (commonly having to do with bad source data)
frame Frame data Indicates playback has progressed to a new frame of the song. The frame data is an array (length 4), structured like such: [current frame number, remaining number of frames, current time in seconds, remaining time in seconds]
jump No data A jump occurred (always caused by the user, but allows for a callback hook)
volume Percentage The volume changed (serves as a callback hook for when changing the volume)