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NodeJS native bindings to mp3info.


nodejs native bindings to mp3info that compile and run under MSVC++

node-mp3info comes bundled with its own copy of mp3info application (v. 8.5a), so there's no need to have mp3info installed on your system.

Unused method curs_addparam was completely removed and some includes were reorganized to provide compatibility with MSVC++ compiler.

Thanks to the following you can compile and install node-mp3info using npm:

npm install mp3info

node-gyp environment setup

Here's an example of how node-mpg123n can be used to start and stop a single song. The path to an mp3 file is passed from command-line.

var mp3info = require('mp3info');
mp3info(process.argv[2], function(errdata) {
    if (err) {
     console.log("ERROR:", err);
  • mp3info(path, fn);

Maracuyá - Virutal Jukebox

  • contains precompiled version of mp3info
  • embeds nodejs
  • utilizes a simple yet powerful interface