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MongoDB-backed job queue for Node.js


Monq is a MongoDB-backed job queue for Node.js.

API Reference

Connect to MongoDB by specifying a URI or providing host, port and database options:

var monq = require('monq');
var client = monq('mongodb://localhost:27017/monq_example');

Enqueue jobs by supplying a job name and a set of parameters. Below, the job reverse is being placed into the example queue:

var queue = client.queue('example');
queue.enqueue('reverse', { text: 'foobar' }, function (err, job) {

Create workers to process the jobs from one or more queues. The functions responsible for performing a job must be registered with each worker:

var worker = client.worker(['example']);
    reverse: function (params, callback) {
        try {
            var reversed = params.text.split('').reverse().join('');
            callback(null, reversed);
        } catch (err) {

Workers will emit various events while processing jobs:

worker.on('dequeued', function (data) { … });
worker.on('failed', function (data) { … });
worker.on('complete', function (data) { … });
worker.on('error', function (err) { … });
npm install monq
npm test

You can optionally specify the MongoDB URI to be used for tests:

MONGODB_URI=mongodb://localhost:27017/monq_tests npm test

npm run jsdoc2md