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AngularJS code-generation shortcuts written with Monoscope.

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Run the command npm i monoscope-angular --save-dev to install. Note: This is a development tool, not a production tool.

For an initial project setup with this plugin, please see monoscope-angular-starter. ## Usage Simply add the following code to a task within your application:

var monoscopeAngular = require('monoscope-angular');;


The config object can include the following properties:

  • title (Default 'Monoscope AngularJS')
  • port (Default 8045)
  • color (Default blue)
  • defaultConstantFilePath (Default 'src/:dasherizedModuleName/:dasherizedConstantName.constant.js')
  • defaultControllerFilePath (Default 'src/:dasherizedModuleName/:dasherizedControllerName.controller.js')
  • defaultDecoratorFilePath (Default 'src/:dasherizedModuleName/:dasherizedDecoratorName.decorator.js')
  • defaultDirectiveFilePath (Default 'src/:dasherizedModuleName/:dasherizedDirectiveName.directive.js')
  • defaultFactoryFilePath (Default 'src/:dasherizedModuleName/:dasherizedFactoryName.factory.js')
  • defaultFilterFilePath (Default 'src/:dasherizedModuleName/:dasherizedFilterName.filter.js')
  • defaultModuleFilePath (Default 'src/:dasherizedModuleName/:dasherizedModuleName.module.js')
  • defaultProviderFilePath (Default 'src/:dasherizedModuleName/:dasherizedProviderName.provider.js')
  • defaultServiceFilePath (Default 'src/:dasherizedModuleName/:dasherizedServiceName.service.js')
  • defaultValueFilePath (Default 'src/:dasherizedModuleName/:dasherizedValueName.value.js')
  • defaultViewFilePath (Default 'src/:dasherizedModuleName/:dasherizedViewName.html')


  • Create a Module
  • Copy State to Clipboard
  • Create a Controller
  • Create a View
  • Create a Service
  • Create a Filter
  • Create a Factory
  • Create a Provider
  • Create a Directive
  • Create a Decorator
  • Create a Constant
  • Create a Value