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Monolith Build Status

Node.js module to aggregate CSS and JavaScript for inlining them into a single HTML document. Helpful for high-performance HTML5 apps.


First, initialise the Monolith and add your CSS/JS files:

var monolith = require('monolith').init();

// Add our CSS.
monolith.addCSSFile(path.join("path", "to", "typography.css"));
monolith.addCSSFile(path.join("path", "to", "layout.css"));

// Add JavaScript.
monolith.addScriptFile(path.join("path", "to", "jquery-1.7.1.js"));

Then add them to your template rendering logic (the following will vary greatly depending on what sort of template rendering you use):

  css: monolith.getCSS(),
  script: monolith.getScript()

Then, in the template, add the CSS and styles to the page (this examply uses Underscore templates, the syntax should be easy to figure out):

  <meta charset="utf-8">


  <% _.each(css, function (code) { %>
  <style><%= code %></style>
  <% }); %>

  <% _.each(script, function (code) { %>
  <script><%= code %></script>
  <% }); %>

And you're done.