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Node client for the npm package 'monobrow-server'.

Like the left brow sometimes needs to converse with the right, Monobrow aims to serve the same purpose for different technologies. It provides a simple, abstracted, messaging protocol that makes it easy to message from one language/platform to another.

If you're interested their are a number of clients for other languages including:

  1. Objective-C
  • JavaScript (Web)
  • ActionScript (Flex/Flash)

You can see all of these as well as planned future clients at

[project-directory] $ npm install monobrow-client --save
var Client = require("monobrow-client").Client;
var client = new Client({
	if(state === Client.CONNECTED) {
  1. connected - The client has connected to the client
  • disconnected - The client has disconnected with or without an error.

Messages for monobrow are sent from one client to another. By design messages are not recieved by the client that sends them.

To send messages use the sendMessage method that takes a type and a message object. Objects are run through JSON.strigify, so you'll need to keep that in mind.


To recieve messages in a client you'll use an on message handler, as messages are recieved just like events.

	console.log(; // "bar"

Examples available at

Full API documentation is available after a build:

[project-directory] $ cd node_modules/monobrow-server/build
[build] $ grunt
[build] $ cd ../docs
[docs] $ open index.html