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    MongoUI: MongoUI (mongoui) is a web (browser) admin interface for MongoDB.

    MongoUI is an open-source web and desktop app which allows to administer local and remote MongoDB instances via GUI. No need to type commands in a terminal anymore. Convenient interface will allow to create, update, remove and filter/search documents. You can switch between collections or even databases with just a single click.

    Currently a standalone tool (run as an app locally or on your server); desktop app later. This is a brand new v2 of MongoUI. Old version use DerbyJS, then new version uses Webpack, React, React Router, React Bootstrap and of course Express and Node.

    MongoUI v2 looks like this (gif):

    Here's another short video that shows filtering, editing, and switching collections:


    Tired of typing db.users.findOne({_id:ObjectId(...)}) just to look up data structure. Even more typing to modify the data. Not happy with the user experience of other MongoDB admin tools?

    Meet MongoUI! Alternative to exprss-mongo and Robomongo.


    npm i -g mongoui

    Dev Installation

    Download MongoUI


    git clone
    npm i

    or HTTPS

    git clone

    or CURL

    curl -O

    or WGET

    cd mongoui-master

    Install Dependencies

    npm i


    Build and Run MongoUI in Regular Mode

    npm start

    Then, open http://localhost:3001 in your favorite browser. Enjoy!

    Build and Run MongoUI in Development (Hot-Reload) Mode

    Front-end development in one terminal:

    npm run start-dev

    Open http://localhost:3000/ in your favorite browser.

    Note: there are two ports, 3001 and 3000. In dev mode you need to go to 3000, in regular mode, navigate to 3001. This is because in dev mode, we are using webpack dev server on 3000 and the API (index.js) is alway on 3001.

    Additional Tasks

    You'll need MongoDB running for MongoUI to work:


    Front-end build:

    npm run build


    Configurations are in the config.json file. Modify as needed (remote databases should work just fine!).

      "database": {
        "default": {
          "host": "localhost",
          "port": 27017,
          "name": "mongoui",
          "username": "",
          "password": ""


    • Master — major releases, main branch
    • Develop — current development branch (make your pull requests here)


    Via git shortlog -s -n:

        83  azat-co
        67  Azat Mardan
        65  Azat Mardanov
        26  Tom2277
        14  cultofmetatron
        12  Will Hart
         1  Sam Tobia
         1  Jan Carlo Viray


    The list is in the GitHub Issues.

    How to contribute in the

    Running Tests

    In order to run the tests which are in test folder, you will need:

    • Node.js
    • NPM

    With those installed, running npm install and ''npm test'' will run the tests.

    Non-node.js alternatives

    • Mac OS X app: MongoHub
    • .NET based app: MongoVUE](


    License is in

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      npm i mongoui

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