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    This mongoose plugin allows for double-binding of array values in mongoose schema paths in a way that allows for dynamic population, which the normal path array structure does not.


    old world:

    defining a key as an object array in a mongoose scheam like so:

    var model = Mongoose.model('members', { leads: [{type: Mongoose.Schema.types.ObjectId, ref: 'lead'}] });

    is unwieldy in the database, and doesnt allow for implicit array population.

    new world:

    var model = Mongoose.model('members', { leads: [{type: Mongoose.Schema.ObjectId, ref: 'lead', linked: true, field: reverseField}] });

    What this does:

    1. the leads array is no longer stored in the members objects. This keeps the members objects short.

    2. now, you can create a new lead, and if the path 'reverseField' for that lead has the ID of a members object, that lead will automatically appear in the leads array of the members document

    Note: this is still a pre-alpha plugin meant to supplement a larger plugin, and is not properly tested, documented, or vetting for widespread use currently.

    Note: the technical underpinning for this plugin is based on the mongoose virtual populate function released in version 4.5.0


    npm i mongoose-virtual-populate

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