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Mongoose-TTL Plugin

Provides time-to-live support for Mongoose.

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  • ttl: the time each doc should live in the db (default 60 seconds)
  • interval: how often the expired doc reaper runs (default 5 mins)
  • reap: enable the expired doc reaper (default true)
  • onReap: callback passed to reaper execution


var schema = new Schema({..});
schema.plugin(ttl, { ttl: 5000 });

The ttl option supports the ms module by guille meaning we can specify ttls with friendlier syntax. Example:

 value     milliseconds
 '2d'      172800000
 '1.5h'    5400000
 '1h'      3600000
 '1m'      60000
 '5s'      5000
 '500ms'   500
 100       100

The expired document reaper can be disabled by passing reap: false. Useful when working in multi-core environments when we only want one process executing it.

var schema = new Schema({..});
schema.plugin(ttl, { ttl: 5000, reap: false });
var Cache = db.model('Cache', schema);
if (isMyWorker) Cache.startTTLReaper();

The reaper can also be stopped.


Time-to-live is specified at the collection level, however it can also be overridden for a given document.

var cache = new Cache;
cache.ttl = '2m' // lives for two minutes;

We can also reset the ttl for a given document to its default plugin state.


Mongoose Version

= 2.5.2

MongoDB TTL collections

MongoDB is getting official support for TTL collections soon-ish at which point this plugin will need to change.