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Mongoose.js is amazing! Out of the box, there is no way to have encrypted fields like passwords. This module is an attempt at adding this functionality.


  • SchemaTypes.Encrypted schema type that inherits from SchemaTypes.String. Fields of that type are automatically encrypted when they are changed.
  • encryptedPlugin schema plugin that adds a checkEncrypted method on model instances. This is used to check some input value against an encrypted field's value
  • minLength validation included (default is 8)
  • Support for PBKDF2 and bcrypt encryption strategy.



var mongoose = require('mongoose'),
    mongooseEncrypted = require('mongoose-encrypted').loadTypes(mongoose),
    encryptedPlugin = mongooseEncrypted.plugins.encryptedPlugin,
    Schema = mongoose.Schema,
    Encrypted = mongoose.SchemaTypes.Encrypted;

var userSchema = new Schema({
    name: String,
    password: {
        type: Encrypted,
        method: 'pbkdf2',
        minLength: 6,
        encryptOptions: {
            iterations: 20000,
            keyLength: 32,
            saltLength: 32

// add plugin to schema so we can check encrypted fields with input data

var User = mongoose.model('Test', userSchema);
var user = new User();

user.password = 'passw0rd';

// notice that is encrypted immediately

// Tests
user.checkEncrypted('password', 'wrongpassword', function(err, res) {
    console.log('attempt 1: ', res ? 'success' : 'fail');
user.checkEncrypted('password', 'passw0rd', function(err, res) {
    console.log('attempt 2: ', res ? 'success' : 'fail');


mongoose = require 'mongoose'
mongooseEncrypted = require('mongoose-encrypted').loadTypes mongoose
encryptedPlugin = mongooseEncrypted.plugins.encryptedPlugin
Schema = mongoose.Schema
Encrypted = mongoose.SchemaTypes.Encrypted

userSchema = new Schema
    name: String
        type: Encrypted
        method: 'bcrypt'
            saltRounds: 10
            seedLength: 20

# add plugin to schema so we can check encrypted fields with input data
userSchema.plugin encryptedPlugin

user = mongoose.model 'Test', userSchema

user = new user()
user.password = 'passw0rd'

# Tests
user.checkEncrypted 'password', 'wrongpassword', (err, res) ->
    console.log 'attempt 1: ', if res then 'success' else 'fail'
user.checkEncrypted 'password', 'passw0rd', (err, res) ->
    console.log 'attempt 2: ', if res then 'success' else 'fail'

Heads Up

With PBKDF2 encryption strategy, crypto.pseudoRandomBytes is used to generate the salt.