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Mongodb data migration tool using node.js and mongoose. Heavily inspired by madhums/mongoose-migrate.

At a high level, here's how you use it:

  1. run 'mongoose-data-migrate create my-migration1' to create your migration files. The files are created in the migrations folder in the root of your project.
  2. implement the up and down methods in each migration file.
  3. running 'mongoose-data-migrate up' will run all migration files that are in the migrations folder that have not yet been run.
  4. running 'mongoose-data-migrate down' will execute the down method on all migration to the point that the previous 'migrate up' was run.


$ npm install -g mongoose-data-migrate


Usage: mongoose-data-migrate [up|down|create] 


   up               run all new migrations since the previous run
   down             migrate down to the point of the previous migrate up
   create [title]   create a new migration file with optional [title]

Config file

mongoose-data-migrate will store the current state of migrations in a collection in mongodb. Therefore, a config file is required in order to provide the connection details to the mongodb instance.

Place the config file in the root of your project as ./config/migrations.js

The config file format is:

module.exports = {

    // The location of the the mongoose module. Since mongoose-data-migrate
    // needs to make a connection to mongodb, if you point to it here you'll
    // be able to use the same connection in your migration files rather than
    // creating your own connection.
    mongoose: '../node_modules/mongoose',

    // mongodb connection string in mongoose format: 'mongodb://username:password@host:port/database?options...'
    // See:
    db: 'mongodb://localhost:27017',

    // Name for the migrations collection (defaults to 'migrations')
    collection: 'migrations'

Mongoose Compatability

So far mongoose-data-migrate has only been tested with Mongoose 3.8.x.


In order to run the test specs you need to have:

  1. an instance of mongodb running at localhost:27017.
  2. a db named 'mongoose_data_migrate_test' without any credentials

To run the tests:

npm test

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