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    A wrapper of Node.js mongoDB driver with document key compression



    var mongodb = require('mongodbx');
        'collections': {
            'mongodbxTest': {
                columns: {'name': 'n', 'expireTime': 'e', 'deleteFlag': 'd'},
                enableCompact: true,
    var record = {'name': 'name', 'expireTime': new Date(), 'deleteFlag': true, 'notConfiguredKey': 'ext'};
    var db = new mongodb.Db('test', new mongodb.Server('localhost', 27017));, db){
        var collection = db.collection("mongodbxTest");
        collection.insert(record, {w:1}, function(){

    Will print:

    [tong@localhost mongodbx]$ node test.js
    null [{_id: 551b6c63ee8ff65407e59847, name: 'name', expireTime: Wed Apr 01 2015 11:56:19 GMT+0800 (SGT), deleteFlag: true, notConfiguredKey: 'ext'}]

    Within mongo shell:

    rs0:PRIMARY> db.mongodbxTest.find()
    {"_id": ObjectId("551b6c63ee8ff65407e59847"), "n": "name", "e": ISODate("2015-04-01T03:56:19.625Z"), "d": true, "notConfiguredKey": "ext"}


    As a key-value database, one fault of mongodb is to store the key string for each document. This will cost a lot of IO resources. For example, a collection with column named 'deleteFlag', mongodb need 11 bytes for key string storage --The value itself(true/false) only need 1 byte!

    There do have a 'best pratice' for this: shorten the key string. For 'deleteFlag', design/code with 'fdel', even 'd'. However, this solution will cause some software nightmare. The code's maintainability && readability will be compromised.

    To optimise mongodb's storage && be friendly to code/design, we can put a middleware between our application and mongodb driver. The middleware will translate document bi-direction. For example, {deleteFlag: true}(application model) <=> {d: true}(mongodb document).

    Test status

    • Pass all test cases in mongodb driver(driver version: 2.0.25, server version: 3.0.1).
    • Performance: about 250ms to compress/decompress 10k documents(Core i7 3.40GHZ).

    Api spec


    • params.collections (Object)
      • params.collections[].enableCompact (Boolean, default: params.debug). collection level compress config.
      • params.collections[].columns (Array/Object).
        • Object: translate map;
        • Array: using base62(a-z, A-Z, 0-9) to compress, the compressed value is key's index in columns array. Make sure this array is append only.
    • params.enableCompact (Boolean, default:false). Global compress config.
    • params.debug (Boolean, default:false).
    • params.mongodb mongodb driver object(require('mongodb')). For those don't want embedded mongodb driver.
        'collections': {
            'mongodbxTest': {
                columns: {'name': 'n', 'expireTime': 'e', 'deleteFlag': 'd'},
                enableCompact: true,
            'mongodbxTestBase62Map': {
                columns: ['name', 'expireTime', 'deleteFlag'],
                enableCompact: true,
            'noCompactCol': {
                columns: {'name': 'n', 'expireTime': 'e', 'deleteFlag': 'd'},
                enableCompact: false,
            'dependOnBlockConfig': {
                columns: {'name': 'n', 'expireTime': 'e', 'deleteFlag': 'd'},
        enableCompact: true
    #Specify you mongodb driver
    var mongodb = require('mongodb');
        collections: ...
        mongodb: mongodb,

    mongodbx.addCollection(collectionName, params)

    • params. see mongodbx.initialize params.collections[]

    mongodbx.getColumnNameMap = function(collectionName);


    Will print:

    { name: 'n', expireTime: 'e', deleteFlag: 'd' }

    mongodbx.translateToCompact(inputStr, collectionName)

    console.log('Map translate normal:', mongodb.mongodbx.translateToCompact('name', 'mongodbxTest'));
    console.log('Map translate notConfiguredKey:', mongodb.mongodbx.translateToCompact('notConfiguredKey', 'mongodbxTest'));
    console.log('Base62 translate 1st Key:', mongodb.mongodbx.translateToCompact('name', 'mongodbxTestBase62Map'));
    console.log('Base62 translate 2nd Key:', mongodb.mongodbx.translateToCompact('expireTime', 'mongodbxTestBase62Map'));
    console.log('Base62 translate 3rd Key:', mongodb.mongodbx.translateToCompact('deleteFlag', 'mongodbxTestBase62Map'));
    console.log('Base62 translate notConfiguredKey:', mongodb.mongodbx.translateToCompact('notConfiguredKey', 'mongodbxTestBase62Map'));

    Will print:

    Map translate normal: n
    Map translate notConfiguredKey: notConfiguredKey
    Base62 translate 1st Key: a
    Base62 translate 2nd Key: b
    Base62 translate 3rd Key: c
    Base62 translate notConfiguredKey: notConfiguredKey

    mongodbx.translateToOriginal(encodeStr, collectionName)

    console.log('Map translate normal:', mongodb.mongodbx.translateToOriginal('n', 'mongodbxTest'));
    console.log('Map translate notConfiguredKey:', mongodb.mongodbx.translateToOriginal('notConfiguredKey', 'mongodbxTest'));
    console.log('Base62 translate 1st Key:', mongodb.mongodbx.translateToOriginal('a', 'mongodbxTestBase62Map'));
    console.log('Base62 translate 2nd Key:', mongodb.mongodbx.translateToOriginal('b', 'mongodbxTestBase62Map'));
    console.log('Base62 translate 3rd Key:', mongodb.mongodbx.translateToOriginal('c', 'mongodbxTestBase62Map'));
    console.log('Base62 translate notConfiguredKey:', mongodb.mongodbx.translateToOriginal('notConfiguredKey', 'mongodbxTestBase62Map'));

    Will print

    Map translate normal: name
    Map translate notConfiguredKey: notConfiguredKey
    Base62 translate 1st Key: name
    Base62 translate 2nd Key: expireTime
    Base62 translate 3rd Key: deleteFlag
    Base62 translate notConfiguredKey: notConfiguredKey

    Known issues

    • mongodb.Collection.mapReduce not supported
    • not supported
    • mongodb.Collection.find $where not supported
    • embeded-document's key compress not supported


    With mongodbx, application can get tranlated record. But if we use mongodb shell, the output is still less-readability. Try to solve this...


    npm i mongodbx

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