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A very simple MongoDB RESTful proxy


A very simple RESTful MongoDB proxy.

Allows you to query a MongoDB database over HTTP:

MongoDB <--- HTTP --> Browser

Currencyly the API is read-only. Feel free to do a pull request :)

Install as a global binary:

npm install -g mongo-restful

Include into your own server:

npm install --save mongo-restful

Just run the following command:

mongo-restful [options] [arguments]

Specify the MongoDB URI as the first argument to the mongo-restful command.


  • --port - specify which port the HTTP server should run on (defaults to 8080)


mongo-restful --port 3000 localhost/my-database

You can also integrate mongo-restful into your exsiting node project:

var mongoUri = 'localhost/my-database';
var proxy = require('mongo-restful')(mongoUri);
proxy.listen(8080, function () {
  console.log('The MongoDB proxy is running on port 8080');

Query a collection:

GET /my-collection?q=...

Use query parameters to filter your query. All query parameters are optional, but if none are given the entire collection is retuned!

Query parameters:

  • q: The MongoDB query. Use MongoDB Extended JSON syntax, e.g. {"createdAt":{"$date":"2014-01-01T00:00:00Z"}}
  • filter: Optional projection, e.g. {"foo":1}
  • sort: Optional sorting object, e.g. {"bar":-1}
  • limit: Return only n results
  • skip: Skip n results

Request a specific document:

GET /my-collection/id

Note: It's expected that id is a MongoDB ObjectId.