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money.js / fx()

Simple and tiny JavaScript library for realtime currency conversion and exchange rate calculation, from any currency, to any currency.

money.js is lightweight, has no dependencies, and works great client-side or server-side. Use standalone or as a nodeJS/npm and AMD/requireJS module.

Designed for seamless integration with the Open Exchange Rates API, but can be integrated with any source of currency data or with static/cached/approximate exchange rates.

Visit the plugin homepage for demos and documentation:

Quick Examples:

// Simple syntax: 
fx.convert(1000, {from: "GBP", to: "HKD"});
// Method chaining: 
// Basic parsing: 
fx("$1.99 HKD").to("EUR");
// Default parameters: 
// Supports nodeJS / AMD: 
var fx = require('money');
require(["money"], function(fx) { /* ... */ });



  • Now maintained by Open Exchange Rates
  • Improved documentation

0.1.3 - Fixed typo in nodeJS module definition

0.1.2 - Strengthened up module definition similar to accounting.js

0.1.1 - Added fallback when base rate is not in rates object (e.g. "USD": 1) to avoid errors

0.1.0 - Added license; bumped version


  • Adds basic parsing to fx(), so that you can pass a formatted string, like so: fx("$1.99 HKD").to("GBP")
  • Some cleanup and improved comments and docs

0.0.1 - First release