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MongoDB database management web server boosted with node.js and express. xhr and partial renders are also used.

mon4mongo Screenshot


  • node.js = 0.4.12
  • express >= 2.5.1
  • jade >= 0.19.0
  • mongodb = 0.9.7
  • async >= 0.1.15

You can clone github project or use npm to install.

npm install mon4mongo


  • Add route to app.js. Check out the getRoute function description
  • Create jade view with appropriate properties (check out the other views in views/modules/...)
  • Create link in views/master/sidebar.jade
  • Add properties to mapping array in /public/js/methods.js to send xhr requests to correct route
  • if you want to extend base capabilities just fork base modules (/mongo/...) or add new one


Erhan Gundogan


Copyright 2011 Erhan Gundogan

Licensed under the MIT License.