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1.12.8 • Public • Published

Moff - Create for mobile, extend to desktop.


Create mobile first website then extend to tablet and desktop is so easy now!

1. Create mobile first website

Create website only for mobile device. And display the main information needed for user. All other, additional parts could be registered as AMD modules and will be loaded by user request. E.g. red color links "More images", "Show on the map" and "Share this page". Thus you will maximum reduce page size, show main content and will show user availability of additional information.

2. Extend needed parts to tablet

You can adjust parts of the page which will be loaded automatically on tablet. Data Events will help to load AMD module which will apply all needed functionality. E.g. on tablet you can see thumbnails carousel with slideshow.

3. Get fully featured website on desktop

Then same way as on tablet you can load all website features on desktop. E.g. additionally loaded Google Map module.


Before installing be sure bower is installed.

npm install bower -g

Install Moff

bower install moff --save

Include Moff

Moff has three types of compiled files in ./dist directory.

  • moff.js - Full, not minified version with debug info + soursermap.
  • - Production, not minified version. W/o debug info.
  • moff.min.js - Minified, production version. W/o debug info.


Clone Moff repository.

git clone
cd moff

Install package

npm install

Before package installation, npm installs testem, gulp and bower as global binary.

npm install testem -g && npm install gulp -g && npm install bower -g && bower install


After made changes, need to update framework version in bower.json file and compiled files.

gulp compile


Tests are kept in ./packages directory. You can run tests only for some package.

gulp test --package=amd

Run tests for all packages.

gulp test --package=all

Tests will run via Testem. On press "Enter" button on console, gulp re-compile test files to get the latest version.


The MIT License (MIT)

Copyright (c) 2015 - 2018 Kadir Fuzaylov


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