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    Find package.json files in module and load information from it.


    Unfortunately I don't have any more time to maintain this repository :-(

    Don't you want to save me and this project by taking over it?

    sad cat


    $ npm install module-info


    Base option is to set base directory of module.

    var Info = require('module-info');
    var info = new Info('/path/to/some/module');

    Find from file in module

    If you have got some file somewhere in module directory tree, module-info can find information about module automatically.

    var info = Info.fromFile('/path/to/some/module/and/some/file/in/it.js');

    Find by name (in node_modules)

    You can search for information about some module on which your module is dependent.

    var info = Info.fromName(module, 'dependent-module');

    Find for your module

    This option is similar for example to package pkginfo.

    var info = Info.self(module);

    Info object

    • getPackagePath(): returns path to package.json file
    • getData(): returns parsed JSON data from package.json file
    • getName(): returns name of module
    • getPath(): returns resolved path to module
    • getVersion(): returns version of module
    • getMainFile(): returns resolved full path to main file (even it is not defined in package.json)
    • getModuleName(string filePath, bool relative = false): returns name for file in module used in require method
    • isNpmDependency(): return true if module is dependency for another module
    • isFileInModule(string filePath): checks if file is in module directory (not in any dependent sub-module)


    $ npm test


    • 1.2.3

      • Move under Carrooi organization
      • Abandon package
    • 1.2.2

      • Bug with giving name of some files
    • 1.2.1

      • getModuleName can return name relatively to base module directory
    • 1.2.0

      • Added method isNpmDependency
      • Added method isFileInModule
      • Method getModuleName throw an error if file is not in module
      • Some refactoring in tests
    • 1.1.2

      • Just typo in readme
    • 1.1.11

      • If main section in package.json is not defined and file ./index.js exists, it will be returned from getMainFile method
      • Method getPackageData renamed to getData
      • Method getPackageData is now deprecated
    • 1.1.0

      • Added getPath method
      • Added getModuleName method
    • 1.0.0

      • First version


    npm i module-info

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