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mod_statuspage for Node

Simple express/connect middleware to provide a status page with following details of the nodejs host.

  • Various Versions - Prints NodeJS Version, OS Version, OS Release
  • CPU - Average Load on CPU
  • Memory - Total Memory, Free Memory
  • Traffic - Total Num of Requests, Requests per second, Total KBs Transferred, Total KBs Out etc.
  • Workers - List all the worker processes and the information listed above for each of the worker processes

This module reads the above data from a unix socket generated from the npm module process-watcher. For more details on process-watcher, please refer

This module is recommended to be used only in a cluster environment. Also this module is designed to work together with monitr ( and process-watcher. For an example of them working together please check examples/sample_cluster.js.


npm install mod_statuspage


var express = require('express'),
    status = require('../lib/index.js');
var app = express();
    url: '/status',
    check: function(req) {
        if (req.something == false) {
            return false; //Don't show status 
        return true; //Show status 
    responseContentType : 'html'
console.log('Go to:');


  • url - The URL to respond to, defaults to /status
  • check - A function to check the request to see if the status page should be shown. Default: returns true to always show
  • responseContentType - The Content-Type of the Response, can be html or json, defaults to html
  • ejsTemplate - EJS Template file for html rendering if responseContentType is html, defaults to status.ejs bundled with the module
  • socketPath - The socket path written by watchr, defaults to /tmp/watcher.sock

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Build Status

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