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This package is created to be used on microsites that contain forms. It helps streamline development by providing flexible reusable components for forms such as:

  • data for form fields (e.g. list of states, hvacSystemTypes, etc.);
  • form error texts for each field;
  • configurable Javascript object modSite (mod-site.js) for handling form validation, switching steps, processing and submitting data to the backend, and handling backend responses;
  • Javascript object for thank you page ads;
  • helper Javascript object modUtils for variuos related methods used in modSite or thank you page;
  • templates for about, terms, and privacy pages (with variables for company name, website name, emails, etc.)


  • src/
    • data/common.js - form fields options, form errors, TCPA copy, list of state names and abbreviations
    • scripts/
      • components/
        • custom-selects.js - object for custom selects
        • modal-pages.js - object for opening links in modal windows
        • radio-panels.js - object for radio panels
      • mod-form.js - object for handling forms
      • mod-utils.js - helper object
      • thankyou.js - object for thankyou page
    • styles/partials/ - contains useful SASS partials & mixins; should be imported into project's SASS files
    • templates/
      • _partials/scripts/ - GTM, VWO, and Google Maps script tags
      • modals/ - templates for about, terms, and privacy pages
  • tests/ - tests (in progress)
  • .babelrc - config file for Babeljs
  • .editorconfig - rules for code editors based on company's code guidelines
  • .eslintrc.yml - configuration for Javascript linter
  • .sass-lint.yml - configuration for SASS/SCSS linter
  • gulpfile.babel.js - Gulp file for automations
  • package-lock.json - lock file for package.json; makes sure that the same versions of Node modules are installed across env
  • package.json - Node modules used in mod-site


mod-site is added as a dependant package (in package.json) to all S3 sites by default.

modForm object

Init modForm for windows trade example:

  vertical: 'windows'

modForm.init() method options

Option Required Default value Description
vertical Yes null Form's vertical. Possible options are: solar, windows, roof, hvac
form Yes $('#form') jQuery form object
formLoadingCls Yes form--loading CSS class for a loading state of the form
stepsSelector Yes [data-bind="step"] CSS selector for form's steps
stepActiveCls Yes step--active active step CSS class
tcpaCopy Yes $('#tcpa-copy') jQuery object of a TCPA copy block
maskedPhoneFields No $('#form').find(':input[name="homePhone"]') jQuery object of inputs to add phone mask to
numericsOnlyFields No $('#form').find(':input[name="zip"], :input[name="zip1"]') jQuery object of digits only inputs (e.g. phone and zip)
addressField No $('#form').find(':input[name="address"]') jQuery object of an address field
stateField No $('#form').find(':input[name="state"]') jQuery object of a state field
cityField No $('#form').find(':input[name="city"]') jQuery object of a city field
zip1Field No $('#form').find(':input[name="zip1"]') jQuery object of secondary zip field
zipField Yes $('#form').find(':input[name="zip"]') jQuery object of primary zip field
repairField No $('#form').find(':input[name="repair"]') jQuery object of repair field
hvacWouldReplaceBlock No $('#hvac-would-replace-block') HVAC only. Block that contains wouldReplace control.
hvacSystemTypeField No $('#form').find(':input[name="hvacSystemType"]') HVAC only. System type field.
hvacFuelTypeBlock No $('#hvac-fuel-type-block') HVAC only. Block that contains hvacFuelType control.
hvacSystemTypesWithFuel No 'Central Heating', 'Boiler' HVAC only. Array of hvac system types (lowercase) that require fuel type selection.
fieldErrorCls Yes has-error CSS error class.
errorParentCls No parent-error CSS class of a field parent which will get fieldErrorCls on error.
gaTracker No main GA tracker to use
thankyouPage Yes /thankyou/ Thankyou page URL.
landingPage No window.location.href Landing page URL.

modForm.init() method Callbacks

Callback Options Return Description
formSubmittingCallback formData formData Fires right before form is submitted. Allows to change data that will be sent to the API. If you return false inside the callback, the submission will stop.
formSubmitSuccessCallback response Fires when submitting form data to server was successful. Returns server response. Return false inside this callback to stop form from redirecting to TY page.
formSubmitErrorCallback response Fires when submitting form data to server returned an error. Returns server response.
stepChangingCallback oldStepId, stepId stepId Fires right before the step switches. Return stepId to switch to that step or false to stop
stepChangedCallback oldStepId, stepId Fires right after the step was switched.
zipCodeValidated geoData Fires right after the zip code has been validated on the server. Returns geo data: city and state for this zip code.

modForm methods

Below are most useful methods of the modForm object.

Method Options Return Description
showStep stepId Shows form's step by id.
showNextStep Shows form's next step.
showPrevStep Shows form's prev step.
getCurrentStep $step Returns form's current step as a jQuery object.
isCurrentStepLast true or false Returns true/false if current step is the last one in the form.
getFormData Object Returns form's data as a key/value object.


We use Handlebars.js as a template engine. It allows us to use includes, loops, variables, etc. in our templates.

Available variables

Variable Type Example Description
year Integer {{year}} Current year.
tcpa Function {{#x 'this.tcpa("Get matches", "Modernize")'}}{{/x}} Shows TCPA copy. You can pass in button name and company name as properties.
formErrors Object {{formErrors.firstName}} Form errors. Support properties: firstName, lastName, streetAddress, city, state, zip, email, homePhone, tradeQuestion
states Array {{#each states}} ... {{/each}}
solar.shade Array {{#each solar.shade}} ... {{/each}}
solar.electricBill Array {{#each solar.electricBill}} ... {{/each}} Array {{#each}} ... {{/each}} Array {{#each}} ... {{/each}}
windows.hear Array {{#each windows.hear}} ... {{/each}} Array {{#each}} ... {{/each}}
hvac.project Array {{#each hvac.project}} ... {{/each}} Array {{#each}} ... {{/each}}
hvac.hvacSystemFuelTypes Array {{#each hvac.hvacSystemFuelTypes}} ... {{/each}}
hvac.hvacSystemTypes Array {{#each hvac.hvacSystemTypes}} ... {{/each}}
hvac.hvacFuelTypes Array {{#each hvac.hvacFuelTypes}} ... {{/each}} Array {{#each}} ... {{/each}}
roofing.material Array {{#each roofing.material}} ... {{/each}}

Using partials

Example: including VWO & GTM snippets into a project:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<head lang="en">
  {{ fileInclude 'node_modules/mod-site/src/templates/_partials/scripts/visual-website-optimizer.html' }}
  {{ fileInclude 'node_modules/mod-site/src/templates/_partials/scripts/google-tag-manager-head.html' }}
  {{ fileInclude 'node_modules/mod-site/src/templates/_partials/scripts/google-tag-manager-body.html' }}

You can use variables from mod-site package and project itself inside any template.

Example: displaying hvacSystemType select using data from mod-site:

<select class="form-control" name="hvacSystemType" data-required="nonempty">
  <option value="">- Select system -</option>
  {{#each hvac.hvacSystemTypes}}
  <option value="{{this.value}}">{{}}</option>

More on using variables and conditions can be found on Handlebars.js website.

Form and steps markup

modForm object is flexible, and you can pass you own jQuery selector for steps, but the following markup is default:

<!-- Form -->
<form class="form" id="form" method="" action="" novalidate="">
  <!-- Step 1 -->
  <div class="step step--active" data-bind="step" id="step-1">
  <!--/Step 1 -->
  <!-- Step 2 -->
  <div class="step" data-bind="step" id="step-2">
  <!--/Step 2 -->
  <!-- Step 3 -->
  <div class="step" data-bind="step" id="step-3">
    <div class="form-group">
      <button class="btn btn-primary" type="submit">
        Get matches &rarr;
    <div class="tcpa-copy">
      <input name="originLeadId" id="originLeadId" type="hidden" />
      <input name="leadToken" id="leadid_token" type="hidden" />
      <input id="leadid_tcpa_disclosure" type="hidden" />
      <label for="leadid_tcpa_disclosure" id="tcpa-copy">
        {{#x 'this.tcpa("Get matches")'}}{{/x}}
  <!--/Step 3 -->
<!--/Form -->

Validation and steps logic

When user clickes on submit button inside step 1 (or submits it using Enter from a text field), modForm will loop through all required fields inside step 1 and validate them. If there's an invalid field, it will be highlighted and the form won't be switched to the next step.

If step is valid, modForm will:

  • check if step is not last (in DOM):
    • If step contains input with name zip or zip1, it will freeze the form and validate its value with the backend:
      • if it is valid, it will proceed;
      • if not, error will be shown;
    • If the step is valid, it will switch to the next step in the DOM;
  • if step is last (in DOM), modForm will send data to the backend:
    • if backend responds with errors, it will highlight all fields with errors and switch the form to the first step that has invalid fields;
    • if backend responds with success, it will redirect to the thankyou page.

You can use modSite callbacks and methods to alter the logic (e.g. to switch to specific step when user selected homeowner = No).

Fields validation and errors

modForms supports the following validation methods:

  • nonempty - value of a control should be non-empty
  • email - expects valid email address
  • phone - expects valid US phone number
  • zip - expects valid US zip code
  • regex - custom Regex
  • int - expects integer value (min and max are optional)

Validation method for a control is set in html attribute data-required.

Example: required email control with error message

<div class="parent-error">
  <input type="email" name="email" placeholder="Email" class="form-control" data-required="email" />
  <div class="form-error">

More details about the markup:

  • data-required="email" on input defines validation method
  • wrapper <div class="parent-error"> will get class has-error if this field is not valid
  • {{}} is a default error message for invalid email field

Setting up modForm

modForm requires the following files to work:

  • /node_modules/jquery/dist/jquery.js
  • /node_modules/jquery-mask-plugin/dist/jquery.mask.min.js
  • /node_modules/mod-site/src/scripts/mod-utils.js
  • /node_modules/mod-site/src/scripts/mod-form.js

Default options for modForm can be found in mod-form.js file (with comments). The only required setting is vertical.

Example: setting up modForm for a windows form

  vertical: 'windows'


This project is licensed under the MIT license.

Copyright (c) 2017 Modernize.




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