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    An automated GitHub issues generator for new projects.

    This tool helps teams bootstrap new GitHub repositories by generating a standard set of issues to track a project's progress.

    The current set of issues is heavily influenced by the Humaan Website Checklist.


    1. Add mochiko to your project's development dependencies.

      yarn add mochiko --dev
    2. Add a script to your project's package.json.

      // package.json
      // ...
      "scripts": {
        // ...
        "mochiko": "mochiko",
        // ...
      // ...


    All calls to mochiko require a GitHub username and personal access token.

    yarn mochiko -- -u <username> -t <personal_access_token>

    Note: The following examples exclude the -u and -t parameters for conciseness, but they are required for all calls.

    List all options

    Use the --help flag to see all available options.

    yarn mochiko -- --help

    Dry runs

    You may perform a "dry-run" to see what issues would be created without sending any create issue requests.

    yarn mochiko -- --dry-run


    • Create all issues

      yarn mochiko
    • Create specific issues

      Provide a list of templates using -f:

      yarn mochiko -- -f 01-content 03-social

    Creating new issues

    Note: There is currently not a way to load custom issues. You can, however, explicitly define which issues are loaded (see above for an example).

    Issues are created using Markdown files with relevant frontmatter.

    Frontmatter options

    Key Description
    title Title of the issue.
    labels Array of labels to add to the issue.
    assignees Array of assignee usernames.
    milestone Milestone number to associate with the issue.

    A standard mochiko label is created during script execution. It is not added to an issue by default, but including it is recommended.


    npm i mochiko

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