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Adds better configurability to your favorite mocha reporter to control which tests show up with times in red, yellow, or print no time at all.



  mocha --slow 100 --reporter mocha-slow-options --reporter-options useReporter=spec,mediumPercent=75 

This runs mocha with the default slow value set to 100ms, uses the spec reporter, and sets the additional config option mediumPercent to 0.75. Now, tests that take less than 75ms (100ms * .75) will print no time, tests that take between 75 and 100ms will print time in yellow, and tests over 100ms will print time in red.


npm install --save-dev mocha-slow-options

Basic usage

Once you've installed mocha-slow-options, you use it with the --reporter command line option:

mocha --reporter mocha-slow-options <other mocha options>


All options for mocha-slow-options are set on the command line using mocha's --reporter-options flag. You can specify multiple options, separating them with a comma. See above for an example and check out mocha's Usage section for more info.

  • useReporter: The name of a mocha built-in reporter to use. Default: spec
  • mediumPercent: A percentage from 0 to 100, to be applied to each test's slow value. Tests that run longer than mediumPercent / 100 * <slow value> will be marked as speed=medium, which typically prints in yellow. Default: 80.


Mocha gives you some feedback on tests that are taking a long time to run. It marks each passing test with a speed:

  • slow: Reporters typically show the test duration in red.
  • medium: Reporters typically show the test duration in yellow.
  • fast: Reporters typically do not show the test duration.

The slow setting is configurable using the --slow command line option or using this.slow(value) in your code. And the threshold between medium and fast is computed like this:

mediumPercent / 100 * <slow value>

However, mocha's built-in reporters don't allow you to configure mediumPercent. For all of them, it's hard-coded to 50.

mocha-slow-options adds the ability to adjust the mediumPercent value, while still using mocha's built-in reporters.


mocha-slow-options inserts itself between mocha and your chosen useReporter, listening on mocha's test "pass" event, in order to compute which tests are classified as slow, medium, or fast.

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