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Mobilize is a web optimization server. Currently its main use to to merge all all of the assets of a given HTML file, producing a working page in one file.


sudo npm install -g mobilize


Start the server with the 'mobilize' command:

$ mobilize


Enable verbose output from the server.


Configure the number of workers spawned by the server. The default is 4.


Set the default port that Mobilize should listen on. The default is 80.


Mobilize accepts the following query parameters.


Required. Defines the path to the HTML page to "mobilize."


Optional. If defined, instead of inlining images as data URLs (which is not supported well, if at all, by older versions of Internet Explorer), image source URLs will be re-based off of value set with imageroot. Additionally, a manifest will be provided in the HTML defining a mapping of original image URLs to re-based image URLs.