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    Mobiledoc HTML Renderer Build Status

    This package is deprecated and will not be updated. Please see Rendering HTML on the mobiledoc-dom-renderer for a supported path to render Mobiledoc as HTML.

    This is an HTML renderer for the Mobiledoc format used by Mobiledoc-Kit.

    To learn more about Mobiledoc cards and renderers, see the Mobiledoc Cards docs.

    The renderer is a small library intended for use in servers that are building HTML documents. It may be of limited use inside browsers as well.


    var mobiledoc = {
      version: "0.2.0",
      sections: [
        [         // markers
        [         // sections
          [1, 'P', [ // array of markups
            // markup
              [0],          // open markers (by index)
              0,            // close count
              'hello world'
    var renderer = new HTMLRenderer({cards: []});
    var rendered = renderer.render(mobiledoc);
    console.log(rendererd.result); // "<div><p><b>hello world</b></p></div>"

    The Renderer constructor accepts a single object with the following optional properties:

    • cards [array] - The list of card objects that the renderer may encounter in the mobiledoc
    • cardOptions [object] - Options to pass to cards when they are rendered
    • unknownCardHandler [function] - Will be called when any unknown card is enountered
    • unknownAtomHandler [function] - Will be called when any unknown atom is enountered
    • sectionElementRenderer [object] - A map of hooks for section element rendering.
      • Valid keys are P, H1, H2, H3, BLOCKQUOTE, PULL-QUOTE
      • A valid value is a function that returns an element

    The return value from renderer.render(mobiledoc) is an object with two properties:

    • result [string] - The rendered result
    • teardown [function] - When called, this function will tear down the rendered mobiledoc and call any teardown handlers that were registered by cards when they were rendered


    Use this renderer option to customize what element is used when rendering a section.

    var renderer = new MobiledocHTMLRenderer({
      sectionElementRenderer: {
        P: function() { return document.createElement('span'); },
        H1: function() { return document.createElement('h2'); },
        H2: function() {
          var element = document.createElement('h2');
          element.setAttribute('class', 'subheadline');
          return element;
        /* Valid keys are P, H1, H2, H3, BLOCKQUOTE, PULL-QUOTE */
    var rendered = renderer.render(mobiledoc);



    • npm test

    Or in the browser:


    • npm version patch or minor or major
    • npm run build
    • git push bustle --tags
    • npm publish


    npm i mobiledoc-html-renderer

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