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Minify your HTML, CSS, and JS in a child process with caching. Suitable for long-running build systems on multicore computers.

var mnfy = require('mnfy/master')
mnfy.js('function hello(){ return "world" }').then(function (res) {
  // res.code === function hello(){return"world"} 
  // === ??? 

If you only require('mnfy'), the same API will be returned, but minification will no longer run in a separate process.


mnfy.js(string, [options]).then( res => )

Minify JS. Options are passed to uglify-js.

mnfy.css(string, [options]).then( res => )

Minifies CSS. Options are passed to cssnano.

mnfy.html(string, [options]).then( res => )

Minifies HTML. Options are passed to html-minifer.


Create a new child process. Uses slave. By default, all minification occurs in a single child process. Fork more processes to use more cores.