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    Styles and Widgets used in MassMutual Applications

    Install the repository

    npm install mmui-web

    npm install errors

    Depending on the version of npm you are using you may get Python errors. Older versions of node-gyp reference older Python code. Try running the below to fix the problem. Note that it will update the global version of NPM. If this is not acceptable see the alternative solution below.

    npm install -g npm

    npm install error: Alternative approach

    node-gyp is not compatible with python3. You will need to point npm to an installation of Python2. Please make sure you are not in vpn and specify the python2 path when doing npm install

    npm install mmui-web@version_number_here  --python=python2_path

    A working example is like:

    npm install mmui-web@3.4.1 --python=/usr/bin/python

    You may encounter xcode error in Mac, please make sure you update to the newest version of xcode. (the npm install should still be successful even though the xcode error occurs)

    Notes of Development

    1. If you want it to be importable in other project
    • dont forget to add export keyword to your function
    • dont forget to add your function's name to the corresponding index.ts file
    • execute make scripts to generate the js plus the types file
    1. please remember to add version up when you add/update features

    Generate documentation

    make docs


    npm i mmui-web

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