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Wrapper enables to wrap multiple sections together. It's especially useful to achieve nested layouts with shared border or background images across sections.

    <mj-wrapper border="1px solid #000000" padding="50px 30px">
      <mj-section border-top="1px solid #aaaaaa" border-left="1px solid #aaaaaa" border-right="1px solid #aaaaaa" padding="20px">
          <mj-image padding="0" src="https://placeholdit.imgix.net/~text?&w=350&h=150" />
      <mj-section border-left="1px solid #aaaaaa" border-right="1px solid #aaaaaa" padding="20px" border-bottom="1px solid #aaaaaa">
        <mj-column border="1px solid #dddddd">
          <mj-text padding="20px"> First line of text </mj-text>
          <mj-divider border-width="1px" border-style="dashed" border-color="lightgrey" padding="0 20px" />
          <mj-text padding="20px"> Second line of text </mj-text>

try it live

The full-width property will be used to manage the background width. By default, it will be 600px. With the full-width property on, it will be changed to 100%.

You can't nest a full-width section inside a full-width wrapper, section will act as a non-full-width section. If you're using a background-url on a `mj-wrapper` then do not add one into a section within the mj-wrapper. Outlook Desktop doesn't support nested VML, so it will most likely break your email. Also, if you use a background-color on mj-wrapper and a background-url on its section/hero child, the background-color will be over the background-image on Outlook desktop. There is no way to keep the vml image under the content and over the wrapper's background-color due to z-index being ignored on most tags.
attribute unit description default value
background-color color section color n/a
background-position percent / 'left','top',... (2 values max) css background position (see outlook limitations in mj-section doc) top center
background-position-x percent / keyword css background position x none
background-position-y percent / keyword css background position y none
background-repeat string css background repeat repeat
background-size px/percent/'cover'/'contain' css background size auto
background-url url background url n/a
border string css border format none
border-bottom string css border format n/a
border-left string css border format n/a
border-radius px border radius n/a
border-right string css border format n/a
border-top string css border format n/a
css-class string class name, added to the root HTML element created n/a
full-width string make the wrapper full-width n/a
padding px supports up to 4 parameters 20px 0
padding-bottom px section bottom offset n/a
padding-left px section left offset n/a
padding-right px section right offset n/a
padding-top px section top offset n/a
text-align string css text-align center




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