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Minimal Testing

It's always been a pain to type a lot to get something done, and when it comes to unit testing(very boring stuff IMO :P) it is even more painful when you cant get it done with typing as little as possible.

It is quite normal that the syntax would look like this

var test = require('someunittest');
  .test("abc", function(test){ test.assert(true); })
  .test("abc2", function(test){test.assert(false);})

in this, it would look like this

var scnario = require('minimal-test');
  ("abc", function(test){ test(true); })
  ("abc2", function(test){ test(false); })

You can run it by just executing it like any other nodejs files

node unit_test/test.js


npm install minimal-test
var scenario = require('minimal-test');
var path = require('path');
scenario("Lets just test some simple things")
  ("Lets test if 1 is a number", function(test){;
  ("Lets test if 'a' is a number", function(test){'a');
  .async("Lets test if a file exists? this is async", function(test){
    path.exists(path.resolve("./file.txt"), function(exists){


Scenario: Lets just test some simple things
  Lets test if 1 is a number passed
  Lets test if 'a' is a number failed
  Lets test if a file exists? this is async passed


There are a bunch of helpers that comes along with the test object that is passed on to the testcase functions, check out the helper doc


Currently due to the way npm includes dependencies, this has to be installed locally(or linked) if not it will not resolve require properly.