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xUnit style test cases, suites, and runner for Node's assert module. Inspired by Ruby's MiniTest::Unit.

MiniUnit is only intended to help you structure your tests, it is expected you'll be using it with the Node.js assert module for assertions.


// require MiniUnit and Node's assert module
var MiniUnit = require("mini-unit");
var assert = require("assert");

// require the module under test
var MyModule = require("./../lib/my-module");

// create and name a test case
var tc = new MiniUnit.TestCase("MyModule");

// run before each test
tc.setup = function () {
    this.adder = new MyModule.adder();

// run after each test
tc.teardown = function () {

// test methods must be named 'test' followed by at least one character.
tc.testAddition = function () {
    var a = 2,
        b = 2,
    result = this.adder.add(a, b)
    assert.equal(result, 4);

// if the file being run is the current file, then run the tests, otherwise
// export the test case
if (require.main === module) {;
} else {
    module.exports = tc;

Running a suite of test cases

var MiniUnit = require("mini-unit");
var testCases = [
].map(function (path) {
    return require(path);