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    Minecraft property dataset

    This repository contains a machine-readable dataset of information about key/value pairs in Minecraft Server's file. You can consume it either as an npm module or by just parsing the JSON in the repository.

    Currently, only Java edition data is included in this repository.

    Data format

    The root object in data.json is an object. Each key represents a key available in, and the value is an object representing various things about that key. Each subkey is described below.


    The default value generated by Minecraft Server.


    The type of the value: number, boolean, string, or enum. Note that the possible values of enums are not currently included.


    What aspect of server operation this option affects. Possible values are:

    • operations: affects system-level server operational parameters. For example, configuration for how the server interacts with the network.
    • world: affects the way the world is generated. Every "affects": "world" parameter will permanently affect newly-generated chunks, that is, if you change these parameters, already-generated chunks will not reflect the new settings.
    • gameplay: affects in-game rules and gameplay. These parameters are ephemeral; that is, if they are changed, the old value will have no long-lasting effect (unlike world).
    • policy: affects in-game permissions. For example, what powers ops have, whether the whitelist is enabled, etc.
    • other: parameters that do not fit neatly into the other categories.


    meta.json contains meta-information about the dataset. Currently it has only one key, schema-version, which will be increased every time the schema is updated in a backwards-incompatible way. It will not be changed if backwards-compatible additions are made.

    npm module

    To include the dataset in your project:

    $ npm install --save

    To get at the data:

    var minecraftServerDb = require('');

    To get at the meta-info:

    var metaInfo = require('');


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