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Minbase is an unopinionated minimal base on which to build opinionated Secure Scuttlebutt clients.

Scuttlebot is An off-grid social network.

Minbase is maintained by Everett Bogue - @ev on ssb.


Minbase is a fork of Patchbay@6.1.3, which was originally written by Dominic Tarr. In the beginning I wanted to find out just how minimal Patchbay could be, with the idea that 'minbay' would get merged into Master as a depject configuration, however that never happened so now it's a fork as Patchbay@7 and Minbase are now barely resemble each other. Minbase shares a lot of the original Patchbay@6 code, with minimal modifications.

Minbase clients


With git-ssb

git clone ssb://%+tyUthD1L689osLUj8LNLV4smRKpO7Wu07DB+LMd7TQ=.sha256 minbase 

With Github

git clone

Next use npm or yarn to install dependencies, build the client, and start minbase.

cd minbase
npm install
npm run build
npm start

Minbase will start a local sbot instance using ssb-party.

You'll see a lite client invite on your command line. Click the lite client invite and accept to generate a new identity and load the websocket server into your browser. If you want to import your ssb identity, load your public/private key from .ssb/secret into the 'Your Key' tab in minbase.

Minbase also works with Electron. sudo npm install -g electro and run minbase using electron electro index -- this won't start the scuttlebot server, so do that in another window.