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npm i --save mimp


  • 1.4.3 Fix: auto-detect dependency name in other case


Instead of doing this in each of your *.js:

const _ = require('lodash')
const Joi = require('joi')
const when = require('when')
const RxNode = require('rx-node')
const AWS = require('aws-sdk')
// ...

You can do this now:

const {_, Joi, when, RxNode, AWS} = require('mimp')

Or if your environment support imports:

import {_, Joi, when, RxNode, AWS} from 'mimp'

Configuration (optional)

Define custom names (optional)


module.exports = {
    _: 'lodash',
    RxNode: 'rx-node',
    AWS: 'aws-sdk'

You need not to provide names like this:

  • Joi: joi - other case
  • when: when - same name

It will be done automatically!

Add options to package.json

"mimp": {
    "aliases": "./src/modules.js",
    "verbose": true


  • path String (optional) Path to custom module names definition
  • verbose Boolean (default: false) Print message on import