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    Migrateful is a migration manager for the Contentful platform.

    • Represent your data schemas in code
    • Automatically pick up and apply migration scripts
    • Version releases for easy rollback
    • Separate environments for prod, dev, and features
    • No installation necessary


    Contentful has nice SDK's in place for cloning environments and running migrations scripts. However, these are somewhat low-level. You can either run each migration script by hand or create your own versioning system.

    Migrateful gives you a complete migration system out of the box. It is designed based on Contentful's scripting guide with a few more conveniences built in. Just create a new Contentful space, drop in your migration scripts, and run npx migrateful.

    Setup the space

    You will need the SpaceID and a personal access token

    • Create an empty Space

      • Go to Organization settingsAdd space
      • Name your space and select Empty space
      • In the new space, go to SettingsGeneral settings
      • Copy the Space ID
    • Create a personal access token

      • Go to SettingsAPI keysContent management tokens
      • Click Generate personal token
      • Name the token and copy the key
    • Opt into the master alias

      • Go to SettingsEnvironments
      • Click Set up your first alias
      • It will ask to rename the master environment ... say yes


    Put all of your contentful migration scripts in a folder called migrations. Name them using the format {version}-{name}.js. For example, you might have 01-init.js, 02-add-post-type.js, 03-add-title-field.js.

    Run the following command, where <env> is your environment name. For your prod environment, this can be either master or main. For a dev or feature environment, you can name it whatever your want. A new environment will be created and the migrations will be applied.

    npx migrateful <env>

    Migrateful will read your space ID and access token from the environment.

    export CONTENTFUL_SPACE_ID=<spaceId>
    export CONTENTFUL_ACCESS_TOKEN=<token>


    npm i migrateful

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