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MIDIPlayer allows you to play MIDI files in your browser with the help of the WebMIDIAPI.

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MIDIPlayer can be used either in modern browsers (pick the last bundle) or with NodeJS by installing the following NPM module :

npm install midiplayer

This player is used for this MIDI Karaoke Player


//Require MIDIPlayer and MIDIFile modules 
var MIDIPlayer = require('midiplayer');
var MIDIFile = require('midifile');
navigator.requestMIDIAccess().then(function(midiAccess) {
    // Creating player 
    var midiPlayer = new MIDIPlayer({
      'output': midiAccess.outputs()[0]
    // creating the MidiFile instance from a buffer (view MIDIFile README) 
    var midiFile = new MIDIFile(buffer);
    // Loading the midiFile instance in the player 
    // Playing {
        console.log('Play ended');
    // Volume 
    midiPlayer.volume = 80; // in percent 
    // Pausing 
    // Resuming 
    // Stopping 
    // Playing again and loop playCallback() {;
}, function() {
    console.log('No midi output');


Copyright Nicolas Froidure 2013. MIT licence.