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    This is a wrapper library for Angular 5+ modules over Microsoft Application Insights SDK.

    Working example at

    Application Insights is an Azure service for monitoring web applications. It includes analytics tools to help you understand application usage and to diagnose issues with the goal of continuously improving performance and usability. To read more on ApplicationInsights, refer here.

    Consumption of the library

    Step 1: Install the package

    npm i microsoft-applicationinsights-angular5

    Also add it to your dependencies section in package.json so that it is restored when you do an npm install.

    Step 2: Import the AppInsights module

    In the root mosule of your application, do import the AppInsights module.

    import { AppInsightsModule } from 'microsoft-applicationinsights-angular5';

    Add it to the imports array in your root module by providing the Instrumentation Key of the AppInsights resource where you want to log the insights.

      declarations: [
      imports: [
        AppInsightsModule.forRoot('<YOUR INSTRUMENTATION KEY>')<------------ ADD
      bootstrap: [AppComponent]
    export class AppModule { }

    Step 3: Consuming the library in your application

    Wherever you do want to consume the library, just import the AppInsightsService and inject it in your constructor.

    import { AppInsightsService } from 'microsoft-applicationinsights-angular5';
    constructor(private logger: AppInsightsService) { }

    Send telemetry data to AppInsights as shown below -

    this.logger.logTrace("This is a trace");
    this.logger.logEvent("This is an event");
    this.logger.logException(new Error("This is an exception"));

    Additional properties to the above methods can also be set if required. Example -

    this.logger.logEvent({name: "My custom event", properties: {customProperty: "custom property value"}});

    With these steps your application should be up and running with Application Insights.


    npm i microsoft-applicationinsights-angular5

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