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Installation :

$ npm install microservice-gateway --save

Usages :

var microServiceConfig = {
    name: "MicroServiceGateway", // gateway name
    // sslKeyPath,sslCertPath,sslBundlePath,verifySSL are use for creating secure proxy server object
    sslKeyPath: "files/localhost.key", // ssl key file path
    sslCertPath: "files/localhost.cert", // ssl certificate file path
    sslBundlePath: [], // ssl bundle certificates file path
    verifySSL: false, // true/false, if you want to verify the SSL Certs
    // following are the list of micro-services
    microServiceList: [
            name: "MicroService-1", // micro-service name
            url: "http://localhost", // micro-service URL
            serverPort: "3001", // micro-service port
            routePath: "ms1", // route path to identify in gateway server to forward request into corresponding micro-service
            excludeRoutePath: true // if true then it exclude routePath from forwarded request
            name: "MicroService-2",
            url: "http://localhost",
            serverPort: "3002",
            routePath: "ms2",
            excludeRoutePath: true
try {
    // Create gateway object [contains micro-services functions]
    var msGateway = require('microservice-gateway').createGateway(microServiceConfig);
    app.all("/ms1/*", msGateway['ms1']); // call micro-service function using corresponding routePath key [no special character allow in routePath]
    app.all("/ms2/*", msGateway['ms2']);
catch (e) {
    console.log(e.name, e.message);

microservice architecture :

when you separate your application into smaller applications (we will call them services) that work together is called microservices architecture.

microservice-gateway helps you achieve microservice architecture with few line of code. it will help you to forward request from gateway server to microservices.

Example : Refer example, microservice-architecture-node


npm i microservice-gateway

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