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Binary protocol buffer for javascript


A protocol buffer for javascript used to serialize JSON into miniature binary packets.

By using predefined schemas to map your JSON objects into binary array buffers, MicroJS achieves on average a much better compression rate than standard string compression libraries such as GZip (with a much lower computational cost).

This makes it an excellent tool for applications or games that use web sockets to rapidly transfer large amounts of data between the client and server.

  • zlib/gzip: 73%
  • microjs: 83%
  • Node.js (0.10.18)
  • Google Chrome (31)
  • Mozilla Firefox (23)
  • Safari (6)
  • Internet Explorer (11)

In your project root:

$ npm install microjs

Then in your code:

var micro = require('microjs');

Copy BOTH the "micro.js" and "browser-buffer.js" file into your public directory.

Then in your HTML:

<script type="text/javascript" src="browser-buffer.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="micro.js"></script>

Or optionally you can load one or both libraries as modules, for example:

require(['browser-buffer','micro'], function(Buffer, micro){

For now please look in the the "benchmarks" and "examples" directories for direction as to how to properly register schemas, and serialize/deserialize JSON data.