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A simple widget for capturing user feedback. Use together with a microfeedback backend such as microfeedback-github.

Uses sweetalert2 under the hood to display responsive, customizable, and accessible input dialogs.

Documentation (with demos)



microfeedback([elem], [options])

  • elem: The HTMLElement to bind to. If not given, the default button will be rendered.
  • options
    • url: URL for your microfeedback backend. If null, feedback will be logged to the console. May also be a function that receives btn and result (the user input) as arguments and returns a URL. Default: null
    • buttonText: Text to display in the default button. Default: 'Feedback'
    • buttonAriaLabel: aria-label for the default button. Default: 'Send feedback'
    • title: Title to display in the dialog. Default: 'Send feedback'
    • placeholder: Placeholder text in the dialog input. Default: 'Describe your issue or share your ideas'
    • backgroundColor: Background color for the default button. Default: '#3085d6'
    • color: Color for the default button text. Default: '#fff'
    • animation: Enable animations. Default: true
    • showDialog: Function that displays a sweetalert2 dialog. Returns a Promise that resolves to the input result. Use return btn.alert(...) to display the dialog.
    • getPayload: Function that receives btn (the MicroFeedbackButton instance) and input result and returns the request payload to send to the microfeedback backend.
    • preSend: Function that receives btn (the MicroFeedbackButton instance) and input result. This is called before sending the request to the microfeedback backend. Useful for displaying a "Thank you" message with return btn.alert(...).
    • optimistic: If true, display success message immediately after user submits input (don't wait for request to finish). If false, wait until request finishes to show message (use together with onSuccess to customize message). Default: true
    • showSuccessDialog: Function that receives btn (the MicroFeedbackButton instance) and input result and displays a dialog using return btn.alert(...).
    • onSuccess: Function called when request succeeds. Receives btn (the MicroFeedbackButton instance) and input result. By default, calls options.showSuccessDialog(btn, input) if optimistic is false, otherwise noop.
    • onFailure: Function called when request fails. Receives btn (the MicroFeedbackButton instance). Default: noop

Additionally, any valid sweetalert2 option may be passed to configure the input dialog.



Display a sweetalert2 dialog. This is equivalent to the swal function from sweetalert2.


  • npm install
  • To run tests: npm test
  • To run tests in watch mode: npm test -- --watch
  • To run the example: npm run dev


MIT Licensed.

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